Image Log Processing

Quality control and processing of image logs by specialist with over 25 years experience and we charge by the hour. Click here for a list of tools we have processed.

Image Log Digitisation

Digitisation of image log field prints back to a raw DLIS file using our proprietary software for the images and Neuralog for the conventional curves.

Legacy Data Recovery

We have tape drives! We can convert 9-Track tapes, DAT, Exabyte etc. back to digital files, delivered securely via our sister web site www.welltodesk.com

Whilst we do not do analysis ourselves we work with several independent analysis companies around the world and with them can provide a very competitive quote for image log analysis. Contact us and we will arrange a quote.


The person behind Petjag LLC is Peter Barrett.
Peter Barrett started his career in 1991 working for Atlas Wireline Services in London. He worked extensively with Hermann Homann who needed someone to provide high quality image log processing, When Western Atlas could not provide processing software for competitor tools Peter wrote it himself. He processed many CBILs and was the first person to speed correct the analogue CBIL as well as finding problems in standard processing procedures which caused mistakes. When everything failed he often wrote a small routine to fix a problem.

From London Peter went to the Middle East to work with Joerg Mattner after a stint in Bahrain he moved to Muscat to open a new Geoscience Centre for Western Atlas.

In 1999, Peter returned to London to work in Recall software development. He was then moved to Houston to aid the development of Baker Hughes next generation of interpretation software.

From here, Hermann tempted him away to Fronterra Geosciences, where Peter helped provide Image Log training and support as well as helping Hermann run the company. Following the merger with Task Geoscience, Peter became independent.

He now applies his skills on an hourly basis. If image logs pass quality assurance with few issues then they can be turned around in a few hours. Where there are issues you pay for his vast experience in recognizing problems and fixing them where possible. He works for large operating companies down to small independent image log analysis companies.

When he has time, he will relax with his family, or work on his cars and bikes. He can occasionally be found racing his cars or riding his bikes on charity runs.


TerraSciences for Interpretation Software
Neurascience for Neuralog software
WellToDesk for data delivery


PETJAG Consultants

11534 Clover Lane Court, Houston, Texas, 77066

Phone: 713 204 4008
Email: peter.barrett@petjag.com